Conversus Group is a business development consulting firm.  For the last 15 years, we have been doing three things:

Conversus Group does this using our proprietary 3-step process: Seeing, Shifting and Overcoming.  

First, we help you see how your business can become what you want it to be:  making the kind of money you want, giving you the time off, providing the fulfillment.

Then, with this new perspective a shift occurs which focuses efforts, increases sales, coalesces teams – and most of all, downloads futures.

Finally, led by Lisa Broderick a turnaround expert for over the last 25 years, we help you overcome the crippling question:  What do we do next?

This unique approach, combined with the latest transformation tools, helps CEOs and entrepreneurial companies from 1 to 100 people change the trajectory of their business and, as a result, their lives.