Lisa A. Broderick - Managing Partner

Lisa Broderick founded Conversus Group in 2001 on the fervent belief that there is a better way for private equity firms, individual middle market companies and their boards to draw upon the talents of outside experts. With her extensive experience as a CEO for over 20 years, she realized that the “better way” started with a team approach. And so Conversus was born.
Acknowledged for her expertise in growing and transforming companies over the last 20 years, Ms. Broderick has served as chief executive officer and chief financial officer for such corporate investors as GE Capital and News Corporation. She has extensive experience in change management, business development, finance and capital raising.
At SpaFinder.com Inc., serving as Chief Financial Officer, Ms. Broderick was a member of the senior management team brought in to transform the company from an old-economy travel information and booking service into a new economy content provider and portal for wellness and the wellness lifestyle. Lisa raised the company’s first round of financing, aided in the hiring of the senior management team, developed the company’s business model and brought in professional services firms to support the company’s infrastructure.

At PenOp, Inc., Ms. Broderick was Chief Executive Officer, where she was responsible for transforming the company from a UK-based biometric security software provider into a US-based, Internet-centric security encryption firm. She hired the senior management team, raised additional rounds of capital, and re-formulated the company to position it to take advantage of opportunities arising out of the Internet marketplace.

At Honicorp, Inc., Ms. Broderick served as CEO, overseeing the turn around of this GE Capital-funded software company. A major element in driving this change was a comprehensive strategic review and assessment process, which helped investors to understand the company’s strengths, weaknesses and assets.

Ms. Broderick has extensive experience helping management teams focus on the problems and issues facing them, and motivating them to devise plans and approaches necessary to address those needs. She has implemented integrated transformation efforts for a wide range of organizations, the results being wholesale change within every facet of business. As a consultant, Ms. Broderick emphasizes strategic change leadership and integrated transformation methodologies.
Ms. Broderick grew up in Phoenix and Palo Alto. She attended Stanford University from which she received a BA degree in Economics. She holds an MBA in global finance and marketing from Duke University.
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